Conquering the Mosquito Menace: A Groundbreaking Invention by Dr. Basanta Mercer

By Earl D. Brookes JUN 07, 2023
in BioTech

You may be bothered by the sound and bite of mosquitoes, but For Dr. Basanta Mercer, an entomologist from Harvard University, this little thing is not just an annoyance, but a lifetime enemy.

Fortunately, he found the best way to save himself and help who also loathe mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes Attack VS Passion for Insects

From an early age, Dr. Basanta Mercer showed a fascination with the world of insects which continued into his high school years where he excelled in the sciences and won several state-level awards in Biology and Environmental Science. 

However, a particular incident during a school camping trip became a life-altering event for young Mercer. He suffered an acute allergic reaction to a mosquito bite. The place where he was bitten began to be red and swollen, and then spread until his whole body was red and itchy.

Rather than dissuading him, this personal encounter with the effects of insect bites fueled his fascination and steered his interest specifically towards entomology.  Upon completing his Master's, Dr. Mercer was accepted into Harvard University's prestigious PhD program in entomology.

He grappled with a severe mosquito allergy, a dilemma for someone whose work involved frequent exposure to these insects. 

He had to find ways to restrain the mosquitoes so that he could be in the best position to observe and study the insects.

He Made it with his research

Mosquitoes are ectothermic, or cold-blooded, which means their body temperature and metabolic rate are influenced by the temperature of their immediate environment. Warmer temperatures can accelerate their life cycle and metabolism, leading to a higher reproduction rate and shorter time to reach maturity.

With global warming worsening, they are the deadliest animals on Earth, causing significant health risks to millions worldwide.

Dr. Mercer's allergic reactions became so severe that it affected his work. It was then that his professor stepped in, securing a $5,000,000 research grant from Harvard University to control the mosquito menace without the use of harmful chemical insecticides, which would benefit not only Dr. Mercer but also countless others across the globe.

Mosquito Attraction to UV Light

One of the key breakthroughs in Dr. Mercer's research was understanding the behaviors of mosquitoes, particularly their navigation system. He discovered that mosquitoes were highly attracted to UV light, using it as a guiding beacon in their environment. The idea of leveraging this natural instinct of mosquitoes sparked the thought of using UV light as a mosquito-control method.

However, conventional anti-mosquito devices emit a broad spectrum of light in the hope of attracting mosquitoes. These were not as effective as they needed to be. Dr. Mercer realized that to make the mosquito lure more compelling, he needed to zero in on the exact frequency of UV light that was irresistible to mosquitoes.

After tireless research, experiments, and trials, he managed to identify this specific UV frequency. His determination bore fruit when he built a device that emitted this frequency, attracting mosquitoes in droves and eliminating them effectively.

The BuzzBGone: A Beacon of Hope

Named "BuzzBGone", this device was a revolution in the fight against mosquitoes. The device incorporated patented X-MOL Technology, which harnessed a piezoelectric quartz crystal to produce the specific UV frequency that attracted mosquitoes.

The device was designed to lure the insects and zap them instantly.

During testing, the BuzzBGone proved to be immensely effective. It managed to destroy 99% of nearby mosquitoes in just 4 minutes. This efficiency was unmatched, making BuzzBGone 7 times more effective than any other device in the same category.

Harvard Made It Further

It was well recognized and appreciated. In 2023, BuzzBGone was named one of the top inventions of the year and was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Not only did it effectively combat mosquitoes, but it was also user-friendly and portable, ideal for activities such as camping and other outdoor adventures.

Harvard saw the potential of this technology and increased its support for the project. His professor also said he would go down in history. 

That's why he teamed up with his project, which allowed him to partner with top engineers in his field which led to the perfection of the prototype and readied it for mass production. They have optimized the product materials and usage logic to achieve these functions.

600 SQFT COVERAGE – From back porches to living rooms to gardens and lakeside camping spots
SUPER-EASY TO USE – Just charge via USB and give up to 14 hours of full protection
PORTABLE – Compact and light enough to take on any trip
OUTDOOR DESIGN – Waterproof and resistant to extreme heat or cold
100% SAFE – Low-voltage “zap”, completely safe to use around pets or kids
ADDITIONAL USE – A powerful built-in flashlight and torch
AMAZING VALUE – Able to afford to order 2 or 3 to give friends and family

How Much Does It Cost?

On its public launch, BuzzBGone sold out within the first 48 hours, a testament to its demand and effectiveness. To meet the increasing demand, Dr. Mercer increased production and offered a limited-time 70% discount to make the device accessible to more people.

But actually it may be cancelled at any time due to the requirements of Harvard, who view it as a academic research achievement but not a business. The sooner you use it, the sooner you can take it off. Get 70% OFF with 30-day money-back guarantee. Feel free to buy!


Ashutosh Nirala

I usually get bitten at night in the summer, and my sensitive skin only makes it worse! This thing is great. I set it next to my bed when I sleep,  no more mosquito bites! thank you!! it’s worth every penny!

Elphine Darcel

Summer days in Florida can be brutal! It’s super hot, rainy and a field day for mosquitos. Having Buzz B-Gone has brought so much comfort not only outside, but inside my home as well. It’s saved my skin from the bites that I was constantly prone to getting.

T. Knox

i do a lot of tenting, camping, hunting and flying insect controll is an absolute must. I owned a lot of different zappers but this one is the best! It's smaller, easier to set up and draws insects from along distance away.

Tracey Mahoney

Great bug zapper for the price. Our backyard is always overrun with mosquitoes and gnats every summer. So far I feel this has helped us not get bit so much while we sit on our back deck.

Dr. Ken

The bug zapper is cute and it works pretty well. I had it for less than a month and it killed mosquito, moths and flies. It is very easy to use.

M. Adams

Within the first few minutes of it being on I heard it zap a ton of bugs. Would recommend buying especially for the price.

Eric Capri

On a hot and humid day I used this under the gazebo and you wouldn’t believe the amount of bugs captured by the evening!! It was amazing. I didn’t hear any creepy zaps. Very discreet and useful!

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Felicia Sandoval

We are surrounded by farms and a swamp and this product has seriously cut down on the amount of flies, mosquitoes, and night insects around our front door!

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Misty Faucheux

Highly recommend these little Beauties. I was skeptical at 1st & read the reviews, so I purchased 3. I can honestly say they work amazingly Well no more mozzies or flies, a great product. I have recommended it to family, thanks

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Leah Won

Plugged it in, ran it all evening, unplugged it to go to bed, dumped the zapped bugs out into the grass.Everything is just right

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